1) How do I get my driver's license back?


If your driver's license has been suspended because of our judgment against, you can get the suspension lifted by 1) negotiating a lump sum payment of the judgment; or, 2) make arrangements to pay by monthly installment payments.


2) What is the process for getting my driverıs license reinstated?


If the judgment that was entered against you was signed after March of 2001, and you want to make monthly installment payments the process is as follows:


Step 1: Call, write, or e-mail us and discuss the payment options that are available to you.


Step 2: Mail us a cashier's check or money orders payable to the McREYNOLDS LAW FIRM with your account number written on it for the agreed upon down payment.


Step 3: When we receive your down payment, we will mail you an Agreement to Pay Judgment in Installments Pursuant to Court Order (hereinafter "Agreement") to sign and complete before a notary public and mail it back to us (Do not fax because we need the original signatures).


Step 4: When we receive the signed, notarized and completed Agreement, an attorney in our office will then sign the Agreement before a notary public and mail it back to you.


Step 5: When you receive the signed Agreement, you have the documents you need from our firm to obtain a reinstatement.  You will also need to take 1) a reinstatement fee of $100.00 payable to the "Texas Department of Public Safety"; and, 2) Proof of financial responsibility (e.g., an SR-22 form which get from your insurance agent). Note:  You do not need to send proof of financial responsibility to DPS if more than 2 years has passed since the judgment was signed by the judge. However, you will need to complete and send DPS-Form SR-87, which we will mail to you. If you file the Agreement and $100.00 reinstatement fee within 60 days of the date the judgment was signed, you do not need to file proof of financial responsibility.


To expedite the process, you can take the necessary documents and fees to one of the following offices in person. If you plan to do this process by mail, the paperwork can only be mailed to the Austin office.


Austin: Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) offices:

Safety Responsibility

5805 N. Lamar Blvd.

P.O. Box 15999

Austin, TX 78761-5999

 (512) 424-2600


Garland: DPS

350 West IH30

Garland, TX 75043-5998

(214) 861-2125


Houston: DPS

12220 S. Gessner

Houston, TX 77071

(713) 773-3334


San Antonio: DPS

6502 S. New Braunfels

San Antonio, TX 78223-3099

(210) 531-2241


3) After I pay my down payment and sign and complete the paperwork, how long before I get my drivers license back?


It depends. If you and I sign an Agreement (as permitted by the judgment or court's prior order), you can immediately take it or mail it to Texas Department of Public Safety at the offices listed in Step 4. However, if it is necessary to get the judge's signature on an order allowing installment payments, the process, beginning from when you returned the signed motion to allow installment payments, takes approximately 4 weeks. (We do not control the time it takes the judge to sign and return the order.) Before you take your papers to DPS, please call them to make sure you have everything you need to get the suspension of your driver's license lifted. If you take the Agreement or the judge's signed order to a Texas Department of Public Safety office, they will lift the suspension while you wait. If you mail the Agreement or the installment order, proof of financial responsibility (SR-22 or SR-87) and the $100.00 reinstatement fee to DPS, it may take DPS 14 to 21 days to lift the suspension.


4) Can I come to your office to expedite this process?


Except for final payoffs, the McReynolds Law Firm does not accept payments hand delivered by you to our office or allow the pickup or signing of documents to lift the suspension of drivers licenses in our offices. All such transactions must be done by mail, or by professional courier/messenger.




5) Can I pay the down payment with a personal check?


No; Your down payment must be made by money order or cashier's check payable to the McREYNOLDS LAW FIRM or by credit card.


6) I do not have the money to pay the down payment. Can I pay the down in installments?


Yes, but only under the following terms:


A. We will not send you the Agreement for you to sign to get your driverıs license suspension lifted until you have paid the down payment in full.


B. On each down payment installment or a separate paper, you must write your account number and the words A PARTIAL PAYMENT. We will not accept a phone call telling us to use it for your down payment.


C. After you have paid the full down payment, it is up to you to request in writing that we send you the paperwork. We will not automatically send it.


D. All payments must be by cashierıs checks or money orders payable to McREYNOLDS LAW FIRM.


E. It is up to you to keep a record of your payments.  We will not send monthly statements of your account until after the down payment is paid in full and you request that the paperwork be mailed to you.


7) To whom do I make my payments payable? Where do I send them?


Make your money orders or cashier's check payable to: McREYNOLDS LAW FIRM.

All payments must be mailed to:

McReynolds Law Firm

13140 Coit Rd., Suite 200

Dallas, TX 75240-5740


To make sure your payment is credited to your account, please write your account number on your payments. We are not responsible for misapplied payments if your account number is not written on your payment.


After you make your down payment, we accept personal checks for your monthly payments. However, we will not accept checks if you have previously given us a bank returned check, you are behind in your payments, or the checks total $110.00 or more. You cannot get around this by sending more than one check for under $110.00. Such payments will not be accepted and will be returned.