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When you hire The McReynolds Law Firm, you hire experience. You hire a team of aggressive, seasoned lawyers and non-lawyer professionals who are exclusively dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients – day in and day out. For more than twenty years, we have built our law practice around serving the needs of our clients in a cost-effective way.

Economic down turns have a direct effect on subrogation recovery. It has been our experience that during times like this, smaller insurers will not settle claims until they absolutely have to so we file suit quickly and force them to the table.

For the uninsured motorist, we pursue them just as aggressively as we would an insured defendant. The number of uninsured motorists on Texas roadways is growing and driving up the cost of doing business for insurers, as well as the cost of obtaining insurance for the rest of us. While solutions for dealing with the problem of uninsured drivers vary widely, one of the best solutions is for insurance companies to take a proactive approach to recouping those losses. It is a win/win situation for everyone involved. It is a win for the insured who has the satisfaction of knowing the wrongdoer did not simply walk away from the damages he caused while driving around uninsured. It is a win for an insured who recovers a deductible because the matter was pursued and a payment plan was established. It is a win when an uninsured motorist is deterred from driving around without insurance in the future. Most importantly, it is a win for the insurance company who chooses to actively recover money paid out on uninsured motorist claims.

That is where The McReynolds Law Firm comes in. We are a motivated legal team that can provide quality, comprehensive legal services to recover your auto subrogation losses caused by uninsured motorists.

We are frequently asked - So, how do you plan to get blood from a turnip? Many people would be surprised by the large numbers of uninsured motorists who do not fit the profile of a low-income driver without a financial means to carry insurance. We have been successful in obtaining judgments against lawyers, doctors, police officers, and other business professionals who became uninsured for various reasons and were responsible for causing an accident while uninsured.

Further, we have learned that the best enforcement tool at our disposal is the Texas Safety Responsibility Law. A suspension of driver and registration privileges is a great motivator for payment. A suspension of driver privileges against a judgment debtor pursuant to the Safety Responsibility law is good for a decade.

Given our track record of proven success, we will be around to collect. And the success we attain for our clients is our success.